How it Works

The only product that let's you customize your results with one product, our Brazilian Charm treatment bottle let's you personalize the results depending on the customer's needs, you can apply it as an express, smoothing or straightening treatment.

No need to rinse after flat ironing, with our unique formula the treatment stops after you are finished

flat-ironing, reducing the overall processing time for the treatment. 

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Express Treatment

When our product is used as an express treatment it will eliminate frizz, make curls or waves more defined and remove brassiness if desired. One of the great benefits of this treatment is that there's no need to wash the hair before product application at the salon, clients can wash their hair at home.

This is great solution for customers that are looking for a more manageable and healthy hair.



Smoothing Treatment

When our product is used as a smoothing treatment it will eliminate frizz, make curls or waves more defined and remove brassiness if desired and reduce volume by 80%. 

Straightening treatment

When used as a straightening treatment it will straighten hair reducing volume by up to 100% , remove frizz, brassiness and give your customer the option to customize the results after each wash. 

Our product is Heat Activated. To activate the straightening results blow-dry with fingers, you may also use a brush to style as desired.

When the customer let's it air dry they will have the benefit of the smoothing treatment. 



Repair damaged hair

If you customer has over processed hair, dry hair or is looking to restore the hair to a healthy hair, our product is a great option as a deep conditioning system, our product contains argan oil, acai and guarana extract, the combination of these ingredients and others will help repair damaged hair. 

No down time

As soon as you are done applying you can wash, cut and color, if you are doing highlights it needs to be done before the treatment. 

No regrowth line

Our product will fade away from hair in the course of 5-6 months, letting hair back to normal once product fades away. 

Remove brassiness

During the smoothing or straightening treatment our product will remove brassiness on highlights due to its purple toner. 

You can also use only our ICY Blonde Masque, instead of using purple shampoos that leaves your hair dry, our ICY Blonde Masque will leave the hair healthy and at the same time remove brassiness. 


All results shown in our videos and pictures are blow-dried with fingers only, no brush or flat iron were used.
This is what makes us unique and separate us from any other formaldehyde-free product. 

The pictures below are from real customers showing real results. 


If you need any more information regarding our products please contact our sales department, we will be happy to assist you.

You must have a valid cosmetology or barber license to purchase our professional line.